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The Secret to Staying Hydrated During Ramadan

Posted by Farah Zaghmout July 9, 2015 0 Comment

The day is hot and long, many hours left until Iftar, your head is hurting, you’re feeling dizzy and you can’t concentrate. Those are all signs of dehydration. Staying hydrated during Ramadan is tricky, considering that you will have to spend your day without drinking or eating anything. However, there are always tips to balance […]

Ten Signs Your Career Is In Cruise Mode

Posted by Lama Ataya July 8, 2015 0 Comment

What does ultimate career happiness look and feel like to you? Is it a corner office with a gardenia and a view over a lake? Is it a fat pay check? Time to enjoy with family and friends? A better work-life balance? The ‘Career Aspirations in the Middle East and North Africa’ survey, December […]

The Secret to Keeping Your Job (Because Your Job Is Not As Secure As You Think!)

Posted by Farah Zaghmout June 29, 2015 0 Comment

According to a survey by on Job Satisfaction in the Middle East and North Africa, April 2015, 43% of professionals do not see themselves working for the same employer for the next 2 years, while 61% are actively trying to move to another organization. This is actually an alarming fact for both employers and […]

4 Awesomely Delicious and Healthy Foods for Iftar

Posted by Bana Salameh June 25, 2015 0 Comment

Iftar is the time we’re all waiting for after a long day of fasting in Ramadan. You could break your fast with a few dates and water or fruit juices to give you a refreshing burst of much-needed energy and hydration. However, and as in Suhoor, in order to properly replenish energy and nutrients, you […]

4 Magical Energy-Boosting Foods for Suhoor that You Probably Didn’t Know About

Posted by Farah Zaghmout June 17, 2015 0 Comment

Ramadan is coming up, and first of all, I would like to wish you a month full of good things and blessed times. I know how hard it can be to get through the day, but remember, you’re not alone in this and by the end of the day, you’ll have an unequaled feeling of achievement […]

How to Spot a Difficult Boss Before You Accept the Job Offer

Posted by Menaka Ramakrishnan June 15, 2015 0 Comment

Employees work in the Middle East for an average of 8 hours per day and that comprises a huge chunk of their lives. It is therefore important to get a deeper understanding of the employer before accepting any job offers. Although gauging a bad employer isn’t a simple process, there are certain warning signs which can help […]

What Type of Office Worker Are You?

Posted by Reem Boudraa May 6, 2015 5 Comments

The workplace is filled with a host of different personality types, but every office has a few signature characters that will undoubtedly be present no matter where you work. From the slacker to the workaholic to the complainer and everything in between, almost everyone falls into some type of category and have to be accepted […]

How to Deal With a Difficult Boss: 4 Strategies that Work

Posted by Tremaine Du Preez May 4, 2015 0 Comment

My boss has the emotional intelligence of a wrecking ball. This was the opening line in a recent coaching conversation I had with Pat. Divisive, two-timing, self-centered, political, insert your own adjective here, bosses and colleagues are very familiar to coaches. It’s not a new topic. Pat works in a pretty entrepreneurial environment where wrecking […]

The 5 Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life Forever

Posted by Juan Kurdi April 13, 2015 2 Comments

You’ve heard this sentence before, and probably most of you don’t actually buy it, and I know you’re thinking it’s a hard thing to do, but staying positive is the right thing to do. Staying positive is not as hard as you think it is. Below are 5 easy things that you can do in order to improve […]

This Is Probably the Worst Advice You Could Give to an Angry Person

Posted by Tremaine Du Preez April 8, 2015 0 Comment

1. Don’t Say: “Don’t Let Your Emotions Get In The Way” In the movie The Judge, Robert Downey Jr. is a high profile New York lawyer of ill repute. Back in his hometown he finds himself in a bar brawl and narrowly avoids having his teeth relocated by the local degenerate – thanks to his quick thinking […]

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