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Second Winner Announced for the Bayt.com ‘Win an iPad’ Contest

Posted by Apeksha Udeshi May 15, 2014 2 Comments 1945 views

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If you read our blog and follow us on Facebook, then you must know that Bayt.com has recently launched a cool contest where you can win an iPad while helping friends find better jobs on Bayt.com. In November, Ahmed Alkarany in Saudi Arabia had the chance to collect a brand new iPad from our offices in Riyadh. This May, Naseer Kanachery from Dubai was our second lucky winner (you can see Naseer with Peggy, our Marketing Director, in the picture above!)

The contest is very simple. All you have to do is connect with Facebook and invite your friends to Bayt.com in order to help them find a job from the thousands of jobs that are advertised every day on the website. The more friends you invite, the more your chances are to win an iPad. Winners are selected and announced on Bayt.com Facebook page.

We had the chance to meet Naseer, who describes himself as one of Bayt.com’s ‘long-time and biggest fans’, and take him on a tour in our Bayt.com offices in Dubai.

Here’s Bayt.com’s short interview with its lucky winner, Naseer Kanachery:

1. How long have you been registered on Bayt.com?

I’ve been a member of Bayt.com for more than seven years now and have been using the website since then.

2. What is your favorite Bayt.com feature?

Job alerts is definitely the most helpful feature on Bayt.com. They’re useful and timely. I also like the Company Pages feature which allows you to browse companies in each sector in every country and city in the region. Companies’ pages on Bayt.com list not only the vacancies in each company, but also other vital information like the salaries offered.

I have also participated in the some of the surveys that Bayt.com sends on a regular basis, and have found the results of these surveys to be quite interesting.

3. What is your #1 advice to other professionals who use Bayt.com?

First of all, I would recommend professionals who are looking for job opportunities in the Middle East to create their own public profile on Bayt.com. Search and apply for jobs that you’re most qualified for rather than simply applying to all jobs. Also, always send a cover letter when applying for a job. Customize your cover letter by highlighting your skills respective to the job you are applying for and tell them why they should hire you.

We would like to thank Naseer for these great points — we couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for trusting us as your career partner, and congratulations for winning a brand new iPad, Naseer!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you too would like to participate in Bayt.com’s contests and get the chance to be our next lucky winner!

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Apeksha Udeshi

Apeksha is a copywriter, social media and marketing professional. She has also previously worked as a CV Writer and career consultant at Bayt.com, and uses this experience to guide jobseekers. Apeksha holds a BA in Psychology and an MBA in Marketing.

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  • anisa

    How can I win the iPad contest?

  • http://blog.bayt.com/ Reem Boudraa

    Hi Anisa! All you have to is to invite at least 10 of your friends to Bayt.com through the Facebook Connect button on Bayt.com (here: http://www.bayt.com/en/invite-facebook/?from=banner). Once you do so, you’ll automatically enter the draw on a brand new iPad from Bayt.com.

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