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Three reasons you should upgrade to a Premium Account

Posted by Reem Boudraa March 10, 2014 0 Comment

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For jobseekers, provides a valuable service. It helps them search and apply for jobs that match their skills and aspirations; connect with people; engage in discussions with other professionals; find expert tips and advice; stay up-to-date with the region’s latest industry trends and market research; manage their CVs; and to a certain extent, view and compare regional salaries.

While the vast majority of these features are completely free and always have been; the job site has recently launched an array of premium added tools for professionals who truly want to stand out and go an extra mile in their targeted job search efforts and careers.

Through the newly launched Premium Account, you can now get a monthly premium membership for as little as $19.95 which is formulated to add an extra layer of analytics and support to the complete product offering. The new account gives you free Application Promotions, Contact Credits, an even more powerful People Search, a one-week power Salary Search, a Premium Badge on your profile, and the ability to get access to all the people who view your profile.

If you want to leave no stones unturned in your job search and have a tip-top networked career, then this account is for you. Here are three reasons you should upgrade to a Premium Account today:

1. Increase your chances of being viewed by top employers

When upgrading to a Premium Account, you will get three Application Promotion credits. You can use them to place your job applications on top of the applicants list for the jobs you like. This will help you further stand out from other applicants and increase the likelihood of your application being seen by the most relevant employers.

A Premium Account will also make sure all your applications stand out and get noticed by top employers by displaying a special Premium badge on your profile.

Premium icon

2. Stay in touch with the region’s top professionals

People Search offers unique capabilities for individuals and companies to contact professionals through When you upgrade to the new Premium Account, you can enjoy the advanced form of People Search on; additional search filters will be added and will help you find the exact person you’re looking for at any given time.

With a Premium account, you can also keep in touch with professionals on with free contact credits. Contact credits allow you to directly correspond with a candidate, a potential business partner or even your future employer. Five contact credits will be given to you as soon as you upgrade!

3. Get access to unlimited, premium insights

Upgrading to the Premium Account will also give you unlimited access to the unparalleled Salary Search platform for an entire week. This will give you the ability to display salaries for all Job Titles in Salary Search Results and find those companies offering top salaries to your peers in various locations.

Another reason to have a paid account is so you can see everyone who’s viewed your profile. They can be either potential employers or business leads both of which are good for your career. Being able to see how people are finding your profile, where they’re coming from, what companies they come from and what keywords they’re using to find you is very effective. And with a premium account, this service is unlimited!

How do you upgrade?

Once you’re logged in, go to the top of your homepage and click on “Upgrade to Premium” or click on “Upgrade” from “My Workspace” tab. You can also activate your premium account through your Purchased packages page.

Upgrade to Premium Account

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