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Three ways Specialties can help you recruit top talent

Posted by Reem Boudraa August 20, 2013 0 Comment

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When launched Specialties over a month ago, it made a promise to empower professionals in the region with an open platform to express thought leadership and build professional visibility.

For job seekers, Specialties made it possible to grow their career by building a professional online presence. Job seekers can easily access Specialties anytime, anywhere to network with like-minded professionals, but also create meaningful content in their areas of expertise and showcase it to an audience that has the potential to impact their careers. Moreover, the proposed ranking system allows specialists to obtain specialty ranks (Bronze and Silver up to Gold and Platinum) and ascend the Top 10 Specialists list in their specialties, based on how other professionals vote up their questions and answers.

Here’s how Specialties can help employers find top talent faster and easier than ever before:

1. Find out who the top 10 specialists are

If you’re looking for the ‘best of the best’ in any given specialty, you can find the top 10 specialists for each specialty with one click.

2. Learn more about a candidate

Often, the classic markers of competence – such as work history, education, credentials, and the like – are not the only pointers to professional leadership. It is well thought-out, intelligent content related to areas of interest and expertise that can make candidates stand out. That’s what Specialties is all about: enabling professionals to tell the stories that go far beyond a CV, and helping YOU discover these stories.

3. Ask questions

Do you want to know more about how job seekers think? Ask them a question in your field of work. The more knowledgeable and driven professionals are, the more they will want to shine and truly dazzle you!

Finally, since a CV alone reflects skills only to an extent, Specialties was created to give a much wider perspective: with Specialties you can access a candidate’s conversations, recommendations, and activity ranks. You will know who’s truly a star in their area of expertise to help you with your hiring decision.

Visit now to find your next super star!

Here’s an infographic that can tell you more about how Specialties can help you as an employer.

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