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Posted by Bayt HR Guru August 26, 2013 1 Comment

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88% of professionals in the region would favor products and services from a socially-conscious company. This is but one of the many fascinating CSR related trends in the Middle East and North Africa, uncovered on the latest poll by, titled “Corporate Social Responsibility: Is Your Company Making an Impact?”, August 2013.


• Almost 90% of professionals feel that CSR is a moral responsibility companies have towards the local community. [Tweet this]
• 83% of professionals feel that CSR efforts are making a positive impact in the region. [Tweet this]
• 75% of professionals in the region say that their company motivates employees to participate in CSR activities, compared to 25% who don’t do so. [Tweet this]
• 67% of respondents claim that their companies are engaged in CSR activities. [Tweet this]
• Seven out of 10 (67.4%) respondents frequently participate in charity or community service work, with 95.3% saying they would like to do more. [Tweet this]

More in the infographic below:

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