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Bayt.com infographic: How is CSR making an impact in the Middle East and North Africa?

Posted by Bayt HR Guru August 26, 2013 1 Comment 2995 views

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88% of professionals in the region would favor products and services from a socially-conscious company. This is but one of the many fascinating CSR related trends in the Middle East and North Africa, uncovered on the latest poll by Bayt.com, titled “Corporate Social Responsibility: Is Your Company Making an Impact?”, August 2013.


• Almost 90% of professionals feel that CSR is a moral responsibility companies have towards the local community. [Tweet this]
• 83% of professionals feel that CSR efforts are making a positive impact in the region. [Tweet this]
• 75% of professionals in the region say that their company motivates employees to participate in CSR activities, compared to 25% who don’t do so. [Tweet this]
• 67% of respondents claim that their companies are engaged in CSR activities. [Tweet this]
• Seven out of 10 (67.4%) respondents frequently participate in charity or community service work, with 95.3% saying they would like to do more. [Tweet this]

More in the infographic below:

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