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Twelve Useful Stats Every Fresh MENA Graduate Should Know

Posted by Reem Boudraa June 20, 2013 0 Comment

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When in college, you’re used to competition. Right from grades to internships, you compete at every step with other students. Although you may think getting high grades and internships is just a lesser version of a job hunt, the world of employment is a much more competitive landscape. One thing that might not dawn on you is that tens of thousands of other fresh graduates are in the same boat.

Get an edge over your peers with these 12 tips from that every fresh MENA graduate should know:

1. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

28.8% of employers look for ‘hunger, drive and ambition’ as the most important factors when making a hiring decision.

2. Goodbye, ‘you-have-no-experience’ nightmare!

67.2% of employers don’t mind hiring a candidate who has the relevant skills but no direct experience in the company’s field.

3. Avoid the sloppy grammar trap.

Poor language on a CV is the biggest mistake that jobseekers make, according to 21.3% of MENA employers.

4. Interviews are like auditions; they need rehearsal.

20% of MENA employers consider poor preparation prior to interviews to be the biggest turn-off in potential employees.

5. Look the part.

76.4% think that hiring decisions by MENA employers are influenced by a candidate’s physical appearance.

6. Looking good will take you a long way in your career.

78.6% of MENA professionals state that they believe well-groomed professionals enjoy better professional growth.

7. Your next job is online.

32.5% of MENA professionals found their last job online.

8. Freelance. Why not?

Consider a career in freelancing. Freelancing is seen by 50% as a viable career option for students and fresh graduates.

9. Employers are hiring!

67% of MENA employers are positive of hiring in the next months. Saudi Arabia shows greater likelihood of hiring in 2013.

10. Private companies need YOU.

Overall, the private sector (MNCs) are more likely to hire in the next months (62%), followed by private sector – large local companies.

11. Your transferable skills will take you a long way.

Good communication skills in English and Arabic are most desirable by MENA employers. Being cooperative, helpful and flexible is also sought after. Other skills most highly regarded are the ability to manage a team, followed by computer skills and sales and marketing.

12. will help you find a job. Register now!

70% of MENA fresh graduates list leading online job portals, such as, as their number one go-to source for jobs.

Landing a job has never been an easy task for anyone. But, with the right tools and attitude, you’ll be able to find a job you love.

If you’re preparing to enter the MENA job market this year, here’s a guide to help you launch your career. Good luck!

Photo courtesy: Reuters Blogs

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