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“My advice for job seekers is to stay active on,” says Rania Musallam of Human Capital Reserve

Posted by Reem Boudraa June 23, 2013 1 Comment

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Rania Musallam is the Operations Manager of Human Capital Reserve, a regional senior executive headhunting and recruitment company which provides high quality recruitment services. Human Capital Reserve is also a partner member of Taplow Group, an international executive search, interim management, and human capital solutions company. With its 200+ consultants working in 40 offices in 27 different countries, Taplow Group brings local expertise and international resources to projects across numerous industry sectors globally.

Who’s Rania Musallam?

In her current position, Rania Musallam works closely with senior executives in the MENA region who are active or passive about finding better job opportunities. Additionally, she supports Human Capital Reserve’s clients to find qualified talents.

Rania holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from the University of Jordan and has recently obtained her Higher Diploma Certificate from Cambridge University in Human Resources Management. Her main areas of expertise are: Human Resources, Headhunting, Recruiting, Management, and Business Development.

Moreover, Rania is a board member of a local theater group called Meerab Production where she handles the HR functions of the group and is in charge of finding artistic talents and directing them to their right vocation. Rania believes in investing in talents and especially the young, local ones.

1. How did you start out in the HR industry?

It started when I got headhunted for my first job at At that time, Human Resources (HR) was not a familiar industry as it was part of the administration department. However, it improved with time until it reached the stage it is enjoying today, and is still evolving. Also, and despite the fact that I started out as an e-recruitment consultant which is more into sales, I had the chance to get in contact with prominent HR professionals in Jordan as part of my job. This is how I got introduced to the HR field. My love for HR has grown with time and led me to master it; I’ve recently been certified as HR Manager from Cambridge University in the UK.

2. What are common mistakes professionals make in their job search?

– Jumping from one company to another for a higher salary without analyzing their career path or even the company that they are going to.

– Taking quick decisions while being angry and ending up looking for a better opportunity which could take months, sometimes even and years.

– Not employing different methods in finding jobs.

– Some professionals believe that nagging is the answer.

– Badly written CVs and cover letters.

– Lying about certain information in a job interview.

3. Any advice for candidates on how to really stand out in their job search?

These are usually my advices:

1. Ensure that you have a comprehensive, well- written and organized CV that gives a clear idea of who you are, what you did and how someone can reach you.

2. Use different methods in finding jobs such as online recruitment companies which are located in different countries, newspaper advertisements, professional headhunters, and specialized recruiting agencies.

3. Keep on checking social media for any opportunity that might arise.

4. Let your friends help you by letting you know in case of any job opening that would be suitable for you.

5. Be active, patient and professional.

4. Take us through your average day at work…

I am a dedicated and focused professional. I work around 8 hours a day. This is conditional of course; when I have a client that comes from abroad to conduct interviews I usually stay with them longer (sometimes even over the weekend!). I usually separate my personal life from work, so once I leave work I’m out of work, and once I’m at work then I’m totally focused on tasks at hand.

5. What is the biggest challenge your company faces in sourcing talent?

I believe the biggest challenge for most managers not only me is to find talents that are dedicated, devoted, passionate, honest, willing to learn, and with great charisma, self-confidence and the right attitude. Briefly, it is finding the exact fit for the position.

6. How would you advise candidates to optimize their experience?

My advice for job seekers is to stay active on and to consistently visit the site to refresh their CVs and apply for new jobs. For senior executives, it is highly recommended that they create a cover letter. Candidates need to be patient as sometimes it takes time to get the first interview.

When I first used – I was a fresh graduate looking for a job back then – I created three different CVs and each one focused on a different area, for e.g. one for sales, another one for IT, and the last one for PR. So. Depending on the job advertisement I used to choose the CV that focused on the skills required and applied for the job posting accordingly.

Usually if someone posted his CV on Bayt and never got a call although there are many job advertisements with the candidate’s qualifications, then there is a problem with the candidate’s CV which they need to review. Sometimes people miss basic information, such as writing the right telephone number or email address.

Spelling mistakes are also a major problem; employers dismiss any CV that has a spelling mistake.

7. Describe in just one sentence. is my school, it taught me a lot. I owe a large part of what I know today.

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    Hi Reem. Very nice and thoughtful. I will implement the strategies of job search that you have mentioned.

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