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Twelve Useful Stats Every MENA Jobseeker Should Know

Posted by CMO March 25, 2013 0 Comment

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1. Attitude matters

28.8% of employers in the MENA look for ‘hunger, drive and ambition’ as the most important factors when making a hiring decision.

2. It’s all about your transferable skills

67.2% employers don’t mind hiring a candidate who has the relevant skills but no direct experience in the company’s field.

3. A shoddy CV won’t take you places

The biggest mistake that jobseekers make, according to 21.3% of MENA employers, is having poor language on their CV.

4. Interview preparation is important

20% of MENA employers consider poor preparation prior to interviews to be the biggest turn-off in potential employees.

5. Having an online CV is essential

32.5% of MENA professionals found their last job online.

6. Senior level recruitment has also moved online

50.5% of MENA employers recruit senior executive talent online; 18.3% through networking and events and 14% through traditional headhunters.

7. Having a professional online Public Profile is imperative

57% of MENA employers maintain they “always” research candidates online before they hire them and a further 27.9% do so “frequently”.

8. Patience is essential during the job search

Only 34.2% of polled professionals say it can take 1 month or less to hire a senior executive. 34.1% maintain it takes between 1 and 3 months; 13.8% between 3 and 6 months; 7.6% maintain between 6 and 12 months and 10.3% say it can take more than a year.

9. A large segment of MENA employers favor growing top ranks from within

42.2% of employers say they “rarely hire new talent” at top levels and prefer promoting from within.  However, 27% “very regularly hire new talent” for senior executive roles and a further 31% maintain they “always” look outside the organization for executive roles.

10. Career changes are easier earlier on in one’s career

45.1% of MENA professionals maintain it becomes harder to change jobs as they rise up the career ranks.

11. The grass is not always greener when it comes to compensation

60.8% of MENA professionals feel they are not compensated enough.

12. It is possible to enjoy work!

49% of MENA professionals maintain they enjoy their job “on most days” and a further 25% also maintain they enjoy their job but only “on some days”.

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