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Five Ways To Bring Out The Best In Your Team In 2013

Posted by Suha Mardelli Haroun January 10, 2013 1 Comment

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Q. Hi, we have had a great start of year and we want to keep it that way. How can we keep our best talent motivated and engaged from this point forth? – Marianne K. N.

 A. Hi Marianne, great question. January can be a very difficult time of the year for managers and company leaders in many different ways. It is the time when professionals usually assess their careers goals and aspirations. Data from’s December 2012 ‘MENA professionals New Year Resolutions’ poll indicates that an overwhelming 65.3% of professionals will be looking to find a better job for 2013. This data coincides with that obtained from’s very recent 2013 ‘Employee Motivation in the MENA’ survey where almost four in ten respondents claim they would stay for at least the next 12 months with their current employer. This is something employers need to take note of. Some steps that you can actively take to make sure motivation and engagement levels are up among your team are:

1. Communicate better and often – According to’s ‘Employee Motivation in the MENA’ survey, only 44% of professionals say their line manager communicates what is going on in the organisation to them. Having daily 5-10 minutes team huddles in the beginning or the end of the day is a good idea to make sure everyone on the team is on the same page when it comes to goals and targets.

2. Praise and reward achievers – Rewards are great motivators and they need not just be monetary as you could get really creative with non-monetary rewards as well. It is important that the reward communicates to the employee that you care for them and their work-life balance. This is often more important than money.

3. Develop your team’s strengths– Take the time to know the strengths of your team members. According to’s Reward Programs and Employee Engagement in the Middle East poll, 44.7% of professionals in the Middle East say that more opportunities to learn and grow within the company will make them feel more engaged at work. If your budget is restricted and doesn’t allow you to offer more training, then you can offer further opportunities, such as recommending them for special projects or teams. This will help them leverage their skills and get them to invest their energies and talents with renewed interest.

4. Be the leader you want your team to follow – To bring out the best in your team you need to inspire excellence by being more self-aware. You can also adopt a 360-degree appraisal system that will help you get feedback on your leadership style. Undertaking trainings for leadership and Emotional Intelligence development can also help you be a coveted manager.

5. Have fun – Above everything else it is important that you have fun while at work. Thrive to create a positive, fun and satisfying environment at work. Make it a point to celebrate personal milestones such as birthdays and professional milestones and achievements. When you give people the opportunity to get together and laugh, it creates a strong sense of camaraderie and solidarity.

We wish you and the team a great year ahead!

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