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5 skills that will get you hired in 2013

Posted by Reem Boudraa December 30, 2012 2 Comments

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Knowing which skills are in high demand can help guide your job decisions. And yes, some skills are better than others when it comes to making a difference between someone who can do the job and someone who does it well. In fact, a recent survey by has revealed that more than half of employers in the MENA region will be looking for skills that go beyond degrees and relevant experience. So, what skills will get you hired in 2013?

In 2013, job seekers should consider transforming their job search by seeking out creative ways to land the job of their dreams. While we know that 50% of employers in the MENA region are looking for cooperative, helpful and flexible employees, there’s a set of skills that you want to be sure to develop for next year.

Here, the 5 most critical skills for your job search in 2013:

1. Teamwork

With half of employers in the MENA region looking for team players, it is hard to find a job that doesn’t mention “work well in a team”. During the interview, you can highlight your teamwork skills by giving examples on how well you were able to work within a team and what your contributions were to the overall outcome.

2. Communication

If you can communicate well then you are halfway there to many jobs. Employers evaluate this right from the start. In fact, half of employers in the MENA region are looking for individuals with good communication skills in both English and Arabic. Think of how you handle yourself on the phone, what your CV looks like (tips for a cutting-edge CV), and whether you can send an email that says a lot with less. Employers will know right away if you can communicate well by how you introduce yourself and address questions.

3. Professionalism and demeanor

Personality plays a role in how you are perceived by others. Even if you have the right experience, being rude can put a damper on your “hirability”. You should also show enthusiasm and motivation for your career. In a recent study conducted by on the various hiring practices in the MENA region, 28.8% of employers choose hunger, drive and ambition as the most important thing to them when making a hiring decision.

4. Good presentation and personal grooming

Hiring managers rarely judge job seekers on their sense of fashion in an interview, but they do notice how you dress. Dressing professionally for an interview and having refined presentation skills can help hiring managers see you as a welcome addition to their team.

5. Sales and Marketing

25% of employers who took part in a study said that they value employees with a good background in sales and marketing. Whether you are a software developer, a designer, or sales engineer, you can seek knowledge in marketing strategy, product promotion and demonstration, and sales techniques. Because in the end, we are all promoting the company we work for and the products we help in creating.

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  • it is hard to find a job that doesn’t mention “work well in a team”.

  • This is a great article! Thank you!

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