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    2013 Hiring: Which Field is the Best in Egypt and Saudi Arabia?

    Posted by Bayt HR Guru December 19, 2012 0 Comment 1253 views

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    Question from Job Seeker: Hello, I noticed that many companies advertise their vacancies now that the year is ending, and since I have been thinking of changing my job, I was wondering if you could help me pinpoint the top fields to target for a new job in Egypt or Saudi Arabia in 2013, as my family and I are thinking of moving to KSA in the new year. Thank you.

    Answer from Bayt HR Guru: It is true that most companies set their budgets while closing a year and planning for a new one, so now is a great time to start thinking about a career change as many companies are clearer as to their hiring needs and plans for the next 12 months.

    In order to give you more insights on the industries in Egypt and in KSA, we are happy to share with you our latest survey findings that can help you better understand the latest trends in both countries and the best industries to target.

    Our Top Industries survey (December 2012) revealed that 25% of MENA professionals have changed their industry in the past two years and the top reasons for doing so appears to be better salaries in the new industry (39%), better career growth (36%), lack of recognition in the past industry (27%), better job security in the new industry (20%) and better work culture (18%).

    As for the top industries in Egypt, our survey classified them according to various attributes, although the oil, gas, and petrochemicals industry is most definitely a winner in all accounts. In terms of salary packages (inclusive of non-monetary benefits), oil, gas and petrochemicals topped the list (55%), followed by the airline industry (27%) and banking and finance (27%).  Meanwhile, as far as work-life balance in concerned, oil, gas and petrochemicals also came first (34%), followed by banking and finance (24%) and government/civil service (17%). When it comes to career growth opportunities, oil, gas and petrochemicals (36%) appeared to be best as well, followed by banking and finance (25%) and military/defense/police (19%).  Finally, for the job security and stability, the oil, gas and petrochemicals (38%) once again came first, followed by military/defense/police (31%) and government/civil service (26%).

    The oil, gas and petrochemicals industry also turned out to be the winner in Saudi Arabia, ranking first in terms of salary packages (52%), work-life balance (28%), career growth opportunities (41%) and job security/stability (40%). As far as salary packages are concerned (inclusive of non-monetary benefits), banking and finance ranked second with 24% followed by airline (16%).  Meanwhile, as far as work-life balance in KSA, Government/civil service came second (26%) followed by banking and finance (22%). When it comes to career growth opportunities, banking and finance ranked second (22%) followed by telecommunications (14%).  Finally, for the job security and stability, government/civil service was second favorite (33%) followed by military/defense/police (19%).

    Industries were also assessed in terms of attraction of local talent and females. The top three for local talent in Egypt appeared to be oil, gas and petrochemicals (22%), media (21%) and telecommunications (17%).  As for females, the top three in Egypt were media (36%), advertising, public relations and tourism/hospitality (all three at 22%) and healthcare/medical services (16%).

    In Saudi Arabia, the top industries for local talent appeared to be oil, gas and petrochemicals (34%), banking and finance (21%) and government/civil service (16%). As for females, the top three in KSA were education/academia and healthcare/medical services (jointly first with 37%), banking and finance (22%) and media (16%).

    Now that you have access to such insider information, make sure you assess your options wisely for a successful transition. Remember, it is very important for you to know which fields you are qualified for by examining your educational background, skills, experience etc.

    Also, do not forget to subscribe to Bayt.com’s upcoming Virtual Job Fair in Egypt going live from 6 to 10 January, 2013 where you can interact with top employers and apply to suitable vacancies from the comfort of your home and absolutely free of charge!  Good luck.

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