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‘Should I put a photo on my CV?’

Posted by Apeksha Udeshi October 23, 2012 2 Comments

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Following on from our article on tips to optimize your CV, we commonly get asked whether a photo should be included on a CV. While it is not mandatory to put a photo on your CV, it is generally a good idea to do so. Here’s why:

– Employers scan through hundreds of CVs and adding a photo on your CV is just one way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.
– A photo helps put a face on a terrific CV, and adds personality to your profile.
– If your target job or preferred industry is one where appearance is important, such as jobs in public relations, hospitality or entertainment adding a photo will definitely push your CV to the top of the pile.

How should my photo on my CV look like?

As simple as it sounds, many job seekers ignore the basics of a good CV photo. Since CV photos posted on are closely moderated, chances are that your CV photo will be rejected if it does not comply with a number of guidelines.

Here are a few photo guidelines to help you choose the best picture for your CV:

The Do’s:

– Be professionally dressed.
– Use a photo that is a clear headshot (from the chest above).
– Smile. Smiling pictures do have a positive impact on the person who sees them. It also shows you as a confident and friendly person.
– Make sure your background is not distracting when you are taking a picture. (You can choose to stand against a white or light coloured background.)
– Make sure your photo is re-sized correctly and doesn’t appear too small on your CV. (The new photo upload interface now allows you to resize your CV photo.)

The Don’ts:

– Don’t use group photos (it’s YOUR CV after all).
– Don’t use photos of children, celebrities, pets, or illustrated cartoon characters.
– Don’t use photos that contain nudity or any hateful theme.
– Don’t use photos of your passport photo, or photos that contain personal information (such as your contact details).
– Don’t post photos that are blurred or taken from a distance.
– Don’t post pictures with sunglasses on.

Whatever you do, make sure you put your best foot (or in this case, your best photo) forward. Still wondering whether your CV has what it takes to land the perfect job? Check out these seven cool things you didn’t know you could do on

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Apeksha Udeshi

Apeksha is a copywriter and marketing professional. She has also worked as a CV writer and career consultant at, and uses this experience to guide job seekers. Apeksha has a BA in Psychology and an MBA in Marketing.

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  • C V

    I don’t think a candidate should put a photo on a CV unless they are asked to for a specific reason such as an acting job, modelling or where appearance is relevant.

  • adam adam

    I do agree that placing a photo will increase your chance of
    being considered. People in general and especially Recruitment officers do
    remember faces more than names. It is obviously known that we tend to remember
    faces easier than merely names. Any way its not a must, especially for women,
    but its desirable.

    good post.

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