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How do I find a job in Dubai?

Posted by Bayt HR Guru August 5, 2012 40 Comments

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Question from Job Seeker:

Q. Hi I am planning to come to UAE on visit visa for three months. I am wondering how I can go about looking for a job there. – Julian A.

Answer from Bayt HR Guru:

A. Hi Julian, there’s good news if you are planning to relocate to Dubai – Dubai has been voted as one of the top 5 cities in Middle East and North Africa to live in according to’s July 2012 survey, “Top Cities in the Middle East”. Dubai is the top fifth city on the list in terms of availability of jobs and fourth in terms of competitive compensation (Top Cities of the Middle East survey – July 2012). Meanwhile,’s employer survey (Feb. 2012) suggest that as many as 63% of companies say they will be hiring this year.

Keep in mind that when planning to relocate to another country or city, you need to actually set your job search in motion before you move there. It’s important that you plan and work on your long-distance job search strategies right now. When looking for a job in Dubai, a typical job search can take anywhere from 3 months to 6 months, depending on several factors such as industry, job role, career level, etc. To help you plan and organize your job search, here are the steps you can follow:

1. Update your CV online – Lots of job seekers make the mistake of not updating their CV until the last minute. Don’t do that, and always plan ahead. Keep in mind that regularly updating your online CV also on will ensure that employers will find you, even if they don’t have a vacancy posted. Make sure you include details such as industries you are targeting, targeted job roles, career highlights, key skills, etc. as all this will make your CV searchable.

2. Create your online profile – Once your CV is online, creating your online profile with a personalized URL is a one-step process on The benefit of this is that it enables employers to find you through search engines like Google. Your online public profile also becomes your online business card and enables you to get your colleagues to endorse your skills.

3. Research the market – Start your research before you make the move. Whether it’s a job in media, engineering, or the oil and gas industry, find out more about the local big players and where they are located. If you are interested in finding a job with a particular employer, check if they are hiring.

4. Set a routine and follow it –Since employers take time to review CV applications and because your time is limited, make the best of it and apply regularly at least a month in advance before you come to Dubai. Once you are in Dubai, make it a point to update your contact information on your online CV immediately. Keep applying to jobs online and refreshing your online CV (this ensures that your CV is on top of employer’s search results).

5. Network– Networking can not be that easy, especially if you are new to the city. So find out from an updated UAE events page if there are any job fairs/expos happening during the duration of your visit. This would be an excellent opportunity for you to not only meet employers, but also conduct informational interviews with the company representatives. An informational interview can help you expand your network in the new city. You can ask interviewees which companies would be the best to apply to, get advice on applying there, and ask for names of other contacts for your network.

6. Follow-up– Once you are in the city, send out follow-up emails to those companies you have applied to. Let them know that you will be available for interviews during this period and that you’d like to schedule an interview if possible. If you are not successful in lining up job interviews before your trip to the new city, at least line up some informational interviews.

We hope these steps can help you plan you job search in your new city. To help you out, we have here a free job-search checklist from’s CV Services which you can download.

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  • Rahail shahani

    Dear Team,
    Congratulation for such a wonderful work done in shape of weekly digest. I could not stop myself to write you few lines of appreciation which you really deserves. Every arising question in order to chose a career has already been answered in a simple way with the help of diagrams, charts and comparison. It gives one’s feeling that there is ‘SOMEONE OUT WHO CARES ABOUT HIM’ . you are winning the hearts of the people and it is a price less job. WELL DONE.
    Rahail shahani


    I found your tips very interesting

  • Franc

    This is a very relevant post. I found it quite helpful as it has practical tips and literally outlines a recipe one can follow to increase the chances of finding and securing a job in UAE. Some parts are general enough that they can apply equally well to any other city as well. I think that’s true for today’s uber-connected world.

    As an executive living in the Gulf, I would caution job seekers that they should expect a very relaxed attitude during the Ramadan time – i.e. slow or no response for the most part. This is more true for the last part of Ramadan especially, as the focus shifts towards religious practices in the predominantly Islamic population. This would be equivalent to the winter holiday season (christmas) in the western world – where holiday shopping and festivities and vacations make for delayed responses.

    Anyhow, keeping expectations aligned with the above is important. Best Wishes!


    A perfect advise from Bayt,com for a job seeker to target to be as one of the applicant and given
    time to be interview. more power.

  • Geeta Pandya

    I religiously go through all the articles published on your site Bayt.Com and have concluded that you do seem to be very genuine in trying to help applicants to find suitable jobs in accordance with their CV Skills and experience. However, in my opinion I find that locals are preferred for all job openings in the UAE. Am I right?
    In view of the above, where does Rishi stand a chance?

  • a. samuel


  • Azhar

    Nice things which you told.

  • kamaljith

    Hai, I am an Indian national with more than 10 years experience in retail banking with some of the best Indian and international banks . Is it worth searching for suitable banking job opportunity in the gulf region if you dont have any work experience in the GCC market – kamal

  • Abdul Yusuf

    A beautiful tips for those folks who wants to relocate and work in Dubai.

  • Tayeb Hadjadj

    hello i am tayeb hadjadj from algeria i want try to get job in emirates am painter the houses what i have to do and need to get visa and get job there?

  • Andonganyung

    Thank you very much for the Job search guide and the guide to plan for having a Job in UAE in case I am relocating. It will really help me to a great extend.

    Thank you once more
    And bye for now

    Andonganyung Fedelis

  • Ronel is a trusted website for the job seeker.

  • Md Aurangzeb Khan

    Dear Sir,

    I am from India & currently working as National Sales Manager in one of the MNC company.

    I am planning to move Middle East for full time job & my preferred location in Dubai.

    I am interested in Health Care & Oil & Gas industry. I will prefer Government & public sector job.

    I am looking job on urgent basis.

    Kindly suggest.

  • sara

    hello bayt.coms i have been working as a security guard in abudhabi for the last 1yr & 6month & my contract will end on the coming july and if God willing and help me my plan is not to continue as security cuz i know i can do much better since i am good with numbers n computer, so if you have any advice what i should do to have a job by then as fast as i leave the company i will be looking forward to your advice. thank you Sara

  • Ranz

    Does anyone know how much does it cost approximately to get a driving license in Dubai?

  • Barbara Sterling

    I will love to work in Dubai .Please halp me how I can find jobs inDubai.

  • Alnazir Elnagi

    thanks alot for the benefit informations i will follow them all.

  • Towhid Ahmed Khan

    The steps you have indicated are O.K Apart from that my suggestions, call the job seekers in front of you, have a detailed discussion about-
    a) Professional experiences / Institutions / Posts etc
    b) Personality Management ( in the case top management)
    c) Ability or Fitness for the institution (it differs viz- Banking, Insurance com. Marketing, Gas/Petro, Doctors,Construction, Teaching, Automobiles, Hotels, Tourism etc.)
    d) Honesty & Dedication.( Organization, Society & above all Country needs)
    You should have the list of organizations where you can put candidates directly after carefully considering the above information at your end to enable the job seekers for getting an employment to the respective

  • Omer


  • Mohammad

    hi, i’m job seeker , i have dream to be working in UAE ,so also i would like to be a mamber of

  • Apeksha Udeshi

    Hi, This information can help – ‘If you have a driving license (from your home country) that is more than 2 years old you have to go through only 20 lessons to get to the final test, if it’s much newer or you didn’t have one when you arrived you have to go through 40 lessons. A driving license could cost you minimum 2500 AED (20 lessons) to 4000 AED (40 lessons) this would be a lot more depending on the number of times you retake your final test.’

  • Apeksha Udeshi

    Hi zbest25xx, I think you should speak to your HR person or directly to your employer let them know that you can also work with computers and with numbers. Chances are they don’t know that about you. If there is no position in your company for this you can go ahead and start applying online. Also you can try walking-in to companies with your CV. Good luck.

  • Apeksha Udeshi
  • Apeksha Udeshi

    Hi you can check information here on how to get a visa

  • Apeksha Udeshi

    Hi Kamal, yes definitely. Keep applying online to suitable opportunities and it would be better if you come to Dubai on visit and get a few informational interviews during job fairs.

  • Apeksha Udeshi

    Hi Samuel, to get the best out of your CV a few things recommended are make sure you are applying consistently to jobs postings – at least once a week, also make sure your click on ‘refresh’ on your CV (you will find it on your workspace) this will make sure that your CV is on top of employers search list.

  • Apeksha Udeshi

    Thank you Franc for those kind words 🙂

  • Apeksha Udeshi

    Hi Geeta, yes definitely. There are jobs where employers ask only for local applicants depending on the nature of the work and the specific skill sets but there are also a lot many jobs that require expatriates. Our Job Index surveys ( have repeatedly shown that some skills such as knowledge of Arabic & English rate highly for employers. Since the demand for skilled professionals far exceeds that which can be met by qualified local talent, most of the jobs are open for other nationalities also.

  • Ashraf rocks, congratulations ..!! Keep it up

  • Manzar Azam

    Very very informative and of great help to job seekers plz keep it up this great activity and many many will be benefited around the globe.

  • Prof. O P Monga

    A great initiative to help jobseekers. Keep it up. Best wishes.

  • rabi khan

    hi z doing a very very noble and brillient job congradulations and keep it up

  • hassan

    نصائح حلوة وممتازة وبتفيد بالحياة العملية شكرا كتير

  • shakeel

    I am also planning to move for job search. Thanks team for helping jobseekers

  • ali

    excellent information..

  • AshwiniSingh

    Hi ! This is Ashwini Singh, i have been registered to Bayt for 3 months,but till now i haven’t got any job offers. I am in Electronics & Telecommunications and having exp. of more than 7 yrs in Telecom sector.

  • reemb

    @AshwiniSingh Hi Ashwini! Getting job offers might take some time, depending on the employer and the opening at hand, sometimes it might extend to 7 or 8 months until employers browse through CVs and filter applicant. In order for your CV to stay relevant and up-to-date don’t forget to include keywords for the openings you’re applying for. Also, refresh your CV by clicking on the ‘refresh’ link, this will make sure that your CV is on top of employers search list. More tips on how to optimize your CV on can be found here: Good luck!

  • Navdeep

    Dear Reem,
    My name is Navdeep and I found your website quite useful. I am a Banker from India working as an Assistance Manager position (direct AM) in a public sector bank and planning to relocate to Dubai. I would need your kind assistance in finding out any the scope for an Indian banker planning to join some bank in Dubai. Second, I need to understand any specific expectations for banking jobs in Dubai for Indian bankers. Thanks!

  • sourav

    Hi Apeksha
    I am registered with, presently an entrepreneur with 8 years of experience and planning to visit Dubai for job search. I have a few questions and believe you would be able to answer the same.
    – What is the prospect for people with 5+ years of business development experience at mid level or managerial level?
    – Is their any consulting firm I may contact in person seeking help in job hunt?
    – How to search for interviews or vacancies while i am in Dubai?

    Would be great to hear from you and connect with you via email or phone.


  • Hi Sourav! Apeksha no longer works with us, but I would be happy to help you. Regarding where to search for jobs, I advise you to create a CV and apply for jobs in the UAE on ( As for prospects for people with your experience, I suggest you take a look at our recently published Job Index survey ( This survey will give you direction as to what jobs and skills are currently in demand in the Middle East region. I hope this helps! Best, Reem.

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