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Posted by Bayt HR Guru April 10, 2012 2 Comments

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Working professionals in Middle East & North Africa are increasingly becoming aware of the positive effects of a healthy, active and well-balanced lifestyle.
Organizations are similarly realizing that healthy employers are more productive and motivated.

Our April infographic has some facts and figures from’s ‘MENA Professionals Health and Eating Habits’ poll  (March 2012) on just how healthy professionals are in the Middle East & North Africa. Interestingly, healthy behavior amongst professionals may be higher than perceived. In fact, only 31.7% of respondents stated that they consider their eating habits to be unhealthy and most respondents claimed to exercise on at least an occasional basis.

The infographic illustrates much information, including:

– Most professionals in the MENA region eat two or three meals a day

– 28.2% of respondents consume no coffee on a daily basis

– 50.8% of respondents claim that they eat a moderate amount of carbohydrates every day

–  31.8% of respondents say that they eat out ‘very rarely’, while at the other end of the scale, 24.6% dine out on a daily basis

– 17.6% of respondents claim to do no exercise, with the rest claiming to exercise frequently (37.6%) or occasionally (44.8%).

– The most popular location to work out is at home (including within the respondent’s building or compound)

– Walking is the most common exercise activity, undertaken by 49%.

Data for the MENA Professionals Health and Eating Habits poll was collected online from January 30 – February 27 2012, with 13,713 respondents covering more than 12 countries in the MENA region.

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